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They are often mistaken for nightingales, despite being one of the most common night-time singers in Britain. Nocturnal singing can be triggered by loud noises, like thunder or fireworks, a sudden shaking of the roosting tree, or by lights, such as floodlights, coming on. Various studies have shown that artificial lighting has led to an increase in the nocturnal activities of robins, with many urban robins now singing at night.

Male robins are aggressive and very vocal in defending good-quality territory, and in advertising themselves to potential mates.

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But how might this be affected by robins living in the city? The robins with territories closer to lit paths and noisy roads showed less aggression to the fake robin and song, meaning they are lower down in the dominance hierarchy. The researchers concluded that artificial night-time lighting and more daytime noise resulted in robin territories that were of a lower quality. Everything you need to know about the European robin Discover our favourite facts about robins, Britain's unofficial national bird.

A robin in the snow. Singing robin. Robins are good at coping with cold and snow, but far northern Europe can still be a bit too much in winter. Robin in spring. Robins will happily come to garden bird tables to feed. Robin nest with five eggs. Robin feeding a nest of hungry chicks in a plant tray at a garden centre. A female robin with her chicks, nesting in a garden BBQ.

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By Mike Toms. Robins have been hunted extensively in other parts of Europe. An urban robin perched on wire at night. Robins sing at different times in the city.


European robin on an autumnal garden lawn. Robin on a garden spade. Mike Toms. You may also like. Guide to feeding garden birds. Wildlife Gardening. How to attract birds to your garden. How to help your garden wildlife in the heatwave. In my search for your love I send it all over the world. It's all I can bare. And the nights get long but my heart holds on.

It's no empty words.

It's my own silent message to you message to you, message to. Takes me there, my lover's prayer oh.

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And my soul is divided in two. And my heart has a mind of its own.

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