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Its name comes from strelyat meaning "to shoot".

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Its name means "shooter" in Serbo-Croatian. This variant is slow for the most part, dragging its hulking weight along though when it gets a straight path it is capable of rushing its target directly. They have very heavy armoring but a weak point below the shielding near the scapula area.

However, it is possible to weaken them by destroying this armor with explosions leaving their muscle tissue exposed and making them very vulnerable. This variant is encountered primarily in Edonia by Chris and Piers so far. Its body exerts extremely high temperatures that cause the bodies to steam constantly. Its name comes from the Eastern European word for "attack" or "assault". This variant is a flying-type of a creature and seems to be modeled much like a bird, complete with feathers.

When it erupts from its cocoon, long legs pierce the shell and spread out much like a spider.

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It is encountered primarily in Edonia by Jake and Sherry so far. Its name is the Serbian word for "moon". This variant appears as a swarm of insects that form the shape of a human female. The "queen" of the swarm, a large bee-like insect, hides among its fellows and will only appear once the swarm has taken sufficient damage.

This variant appears primarily in Lanshiang and its name translates to "nest" in several Slavic languages.

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This variant was used as a B. Its name comes from the Serbian word "Lepotica" with the "C" being pronounced as "ts" , which is used to describe feminine beauty.

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This variant was a powerful chainsaw creature created by the C-Virus and hatched from a Chrysalid cocoon. Neo Umbrella's research into the "Ubistvo" concluded that, because of its destructive personality, its introduction into the battlefield should only be done in "special situations".

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Its name is derived from the Serbian word for "murder". Go back to: Lore navigation. Tyrant series. Hunter series. Tall Oaks , United States.

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Edonia , Europe. Edonia City Hall. Usually first encountered in small swarms on Terror Site missions, Chryssalids deal heavy damage with melee and have a high chance to inflict poison. When a Chryssalid kills a human a civilian or a soldier , it will implant an embryo in them. This causes the corpse to rise up as a Zombie in the next turn, which will spawn a "Chryssalid Hatchling" after three turns. Hatchlings possess behavior and statistics identical to adult Chryssalids, but have a visually lighter color of chitin armor which changes to the usual purple within a couple turns.

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A newborn Chryssalid can move and attack the turn it emerges. As shown in the Site Recon mission from XCOM: Enemy Within , Chryssalids can also use sufficiently large bioforms like whales, bluefin tuna and sharks as incubator hives. According to the Ethereal hive mind , Chryssalids were uplifted by the Ethereals in an effort to search for " the Gift " and they were "little more than insects when their uplift began.

Chryssalids appear during the second month, "Marathon" Second Wave option notwithstanding. Their chance of being deployed declines from May to July Marathon: June to October , as units like Cyberdiscs and Berserkers are introduced. Chryssalids can be present on several mission types, including terror sites , large UFO landings , and crash sites , but are not encountered during Abduction missions.

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Chryssalids can cover great distances in a single turn, have enough durability to survive multiple hits from everything but the heaviest weapons, and ignore cover when launching attacks. When facing groups of Chryssalids, you may wish to retreat to cleared territory before firing in order to create as much distance between you and the Chryssalid as possible: however, Assault soldiers with the appropriate critical-boosting abilities and a Shotgun or, more preferably, a Scatter Laser can kill one with a single shot at point blank range. Naturally, getting so close to a Chryssalid is potentially fatal, so providing fire support and further augmenting this tactic with the Rapid Fire ability will greatly improve your soldier's odds of survival.

As Chryssalids carry no equipment, you can freely use explosives to kill them without any penalty, and the recovered Chryssalid corpses can be used to craft Chitin Plating , an item that greatly reduces the melee damage dealt by foes like Chryssalids and Berserkers. Overwatch can be very effective against Chryssalids as they never use cover and have to move close to their targets to attack. Assault soldiers with the ability Close Combat Specialist can exploit this rather effectively.

However, Chryssalids occasionally utilize full cover in the environment to conceal their approach from your soldier's line of sight. This can be especially problematic if your soldiers are pinned down by Overwatch or Suppression. Although a Chryssalid's poison is a useful ability, they should be held in reserve and target only humans that will be killed in one attack.

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The ability to spawn Zombies is by far the most useful ability of the Chryssalid, and as soon as one is spawned a player should have the Zombie hide until the new Chryssalid's incubation period is completed. Although the Chryssalid can cover a massive distance in one turn by using both actions for moving, doing so defeats the point because it cannot attack afterward.

You must keep the Chryssalid hidden at all costs until an enemy comes within range.